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Unique, truly Next Gen Robo Trading!

Dive firmly into the world of Trading and get the chance to create a future. With Realtime Algo provide fully automated Trading Bots, which empower both amateurs and experts without any manual intervention in your Trading account.
We create proven strategies built on mathematical and statistical models that offer you higher returns than mutual funds. We at Realtime ALGO educate the traders on how they can earn money from algo trading and the importance of the involved rules. Our company is completely automated it.

Tech-Driven Algo

The strategies that we provide you are based on new technologies. It has fully automatic trading bots that will immune you to emotional decision-making. You can even pave the path for highly disciplined and rewarding strategies for Trading.

Virtual Trading

Virtual Trading or paper trading is where you will generalize the stock investing market, profit-loss reports, strategies, etc., on paper and will not have to risk the money. You do not have to invest anywhere without committing the money. It will throw some light on the real trading dynamics and will also help in making better decisions without spending a single penny in the market.

API Bridge

API Bridge is basically the connection that is between the ALgo/front-end charting platform or an alert-generating platform such as MT4, Trading View and AmiBroker. It is the programming interface, Places and pin codes which is considered the first programming interface. APIBridge will allow the trader to make algo trade with different stages.

Learn years of trading experts in a few seconds

It does not matter whether you are an expert or an amateurs- we will have something for each one of you-

  • Sign up or log in to the broking account.
  • Look out for the different strategies which are available there. You must choose unique strategies with diverse products according to your needs and specifications.
  • You need to stay protected by adding a specific risk. Start trading in just a click as per your comfort.

Experience impressive strategies with Realtime Algo Trading

Realtime Algo is a start-up that keeps the hard money of the client safe and provides them with the best strategies. We try to provide you with different services for various markets. With the API bridges, you can connect with the DEMAT account with the advanced server.

Our team performs effective market research and develops the strategies to implement the various scripts that will give you the ideas through which you can keep your money secure. We even provide you with multiple services to various markets, and everything will be executed by professional staff.

Not much intervention require from the customer if they continue with their day job and business, whereas our platform will take care of the execution that takes place. If a customer receives the benefits of Algorithm Trading, they will maintain cost control, increase security, and provide complete transparency.

We have a team of experts with incredible knowledge and valuable experience with different trading principles. We make sure that the services which we offer you are the best!